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Poker is the undisputed king of card games, and is enjoyed all over the world by players from every walk of life. It has long been a firm favourite in Australia, with its fantastic blend of chance and strategy appealing to the country’s sophisticated remote gamblers. We review all the finest rooms to play in right here but before you explore these, check out our guide below to get familiar with the game’s basics.

Poker Rules and betting

To begin with, each player is dealt five cards. They are then required to place bets on whether their hand will win the round. When it is your turn, you must choose whether to check, bet or fold. If no bet has yet been made, you can decide to check and stay in the game without making any wager yourself. If bets have been placed before your turn, you need to bet by matching or raising the stake of the previous player or fold and forfeit your hand. All the wagers go into a central pool, which is claimed by the best hand at the end of the round.

At the end of every round all hands are shown, and a strict card-ranking system determines the winners. An Ace is the highest card within this system and a two, called a Deuce, is the lowest. The full hierarchy is listed below, from the highest ranking to the lowest.

  • Royal Flush: 5 sequential cards of the same suit from the 10 to the Ace
  • Straight Flush: any five cards of the same suit in sequence
  • Four of a Kind: four same-ranked cards and one other
  • Full House: two same-ranked cards and three of another rank, like 2-2-8-8-8
  • Straight: five sequential cards that are not all the same suit
  • Three of a Kind: three same-ranked cards and two unmatched others
  • Two Pair: two card pairs of the same rank and one other
  • One Pair: one card pair of same-ranked cards with three unmatched others
  • High Card: the lowest viable hand, containing five unmatched cards. The hand is always named after its highest card, meaning one with 4-7-8-Q-K is called a King High
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The tantalising intrigue and temptation of Poker is the way the behaviour of every player influences everyone else, and the game’s overall results. The real skill lies in reading your fellow players for clues about their hand, called tells, and using this information to place shrewd wagers. Truly skilled players give nothing away while reading others well, and can win with awful hands by causing lesser players to fold.

Australian Online Poker

When you play at online Australian Poker sites, you can’t use traditional physical tells and will need to learn to watch for online clues such as playing speed. There are many other aspects to game strategy, and all the rooms we review provide great resources on developing your playing acumen. Several other online applications offer great assistance as well, such as highlighting your common mistakes. Players are also encouraged to take advantage of the no-deposit free-play mode online to practice and refine skills.

Explore the legend with us

The superb Australian Poker rooms that we review offer endless fascination and the chance to connect with like-minded players from across the world. Use our assessments to find your own ultimate playing experience!