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For those who have played the lottery type gambling game of Keno you will know it is a game that you keep coming back to. If you have never experienced the thrill of Keno for yourself, trying it out at one of Australia’s top online casinos is the perfect way to start. The game is traditionally played live, where a clear bubble contains eighty balls, each with a printed number ranging from 1 to 80. One by one the balls are taken out, until a total of 20 balls have been drawn. Players of the game try to guess which numbered balls will be drawn. They do this by starting with a blank game card, and then marking the numbers that they think will be drawn during that round, as all 20 balls are picked.

Winning at this wonderful game is where the real fun lies. The house edge varies from 4% to 35%, depending on the game you might be playing. The great thing about the game is that every casino has a different paytable, and so the manner in which you wager and the way in which you win varies with each game. You can even choose between different paytables for the same game. You can find the exact paytable that suits your strategy, or try a new one if the last one just wasn’t working for you. Playing Keno at one of the Australian online casinos that we have chosen for you is the perfect way to enjoy the game. It is easy to browse through and select the paytable that suits you. It is just as simple to change it for any subsequent games you might play. Games are also much quicker when playing online. There is no need to wait for each ball to be slowly drawn from the bubble. When playing Keno online, the numbers are revealed quickly, so that you can find out much sooner whether you have won, and importantly how much you have won!

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Online Keno Australia

What we have done for you, the novice and the professional gambler is to pick out and list the top Australian online casinos where you can enjoy the traditional gambling game of Keno. These sites are perfectly suited to the game, and offer you so much variety that your eyes will light up with all the opportunities. To win big at this game that has been enjoyed by millions is just such a thrill, that you will understand why people keep coming back to enjoy all it has to offer. Placing your wagers online makes so much sense, and is so simple to do. The big question is what to do with all your winnings! You could wager them all on the next round you play, or just as simply you might withdraw those winnings to your credit card, and instead come back to your favourite online casino game another day. The choice is all yours. If you are feeling lucky, like it’s a day when all your numbers are coming up, why not start placing some wagers on those numbers, and you could very easily be on your way to some massive winnings!